Hosting Support

What are the current hosting rates?
The current hosting rates are £48.00 per year (VAT not currently applicable) which includes 2GB webspace, 40GB of bandwidth and unlimited FTP/email accounts (subject to you remaining within your webspace quota). Addons are available for users with larger demands.

Are hosting rates permanently fixed?
We review pricing for all of our services from time to time and reserve the right to make alterations with at least 30 days notice. However, we promise not to increase hosting rates more than once in any 12 month period.

What happens if I exceed my quota?
We monitor your account usage to ensure that your quota is not being exceeded. We won’t be too concerned if you occasionally run over your allowances by a small amount. However, if you make a habit of it, we will contact you and ask you to upgrade your plan. If you refuse to either upgrade your plan or reduce your usage, we may take action against your account which could lead to suspension.

For those who require more storage space, we offer a special plan with 2GB of additional storage for an additional £30 per year.