Service Updates

Announcement for new customers of AWWS

We’ll be back soon!

Due to unforeseen circumstances and important upcoming personal events, AWWS will be operating a hiatus on all new web construction services.

Until further notice, AWWS won’t be able to undertake any new contracts for web design/construction. Whilst this is a regrettable decision, I must focus on education at this point in time and do not wish to disappoint customers where I cannot provide the usual dedicated service that AWWS specialises in.

This hiatus is likely to be terminated later in 2013 (towards the Summer).

This decision only affects new customers – any existing contracts/agreements will continue to operate as promised and without interruption. Web hosting and updates/maintenance agreements are also unaffected by this decision. Existing customers can continue to use the service as normal.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all customers for their continued support and look forward to resuming full service later in the year.

– Alex Ward (10/03/2013)